The Feldenkrais® Method is a body-mind approach designed to help people reconnect with their bodies and learn ways to move with greater efficiency. It may help a person increase vitality, coordination, and achieve overall improved physical and emotional well-being.

Posture or – as Moshé Feldenkrais himself called it – Acture, is one of the foundational elements of the method. Improving posture and movements naturally initiated from it allows elimination of bad habits of unnecessary effort, which in the long run lead to pains and aches, fatigue, etc. At the same time posture and emotional tone are inseparable, so improved natural posture and balance improve emotional balance.

The Feldenkrais® Method differs from remedial massage and chiropractic approaches in that Feldenkrais practitioners work with people in order to help them become able to strengthen and regulate movements on their own.


Awareness Through Movement® classes are held on Wednesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm at 430 Waterloo St. Please email to confirm that a class is taking place on a particular day as they might get cancelled due to driving conditions, etc.

The entrance to the studio is at the back:

1. Go into the alley between the building and Cole Clinic

2. Turn left and take steps down to enter through the basement

3. Once inside go through the foyer and turn to the left, see stairs leading up, take them and turn left for the Upper studio.

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